Bisceglie 2011

Thank you for the very best "ten day-period" of my whole life. 

Even if the first 5 minutes were a bit strange the other 2546947.... minutes we spent together were awesomely great.

I know it wasn't everything about laughing (Lachi lacht nicht) and having fun. We also sweated... gosh, the feeling of that sticky sweat is killing me (or not, Marinaki?). Ohm, before forgetting, I fell to the road while ridding my bike with my hands up in the air (TomRo...) and it wasn't exactly nice what I got...
Have a look:

Nice, isn't it? I have to say that this was just one of the five wounds I did. On top of that, for the brave ones, look how did the wound get after having a swim in the sea.

For all the gory people:

I know I know... enough is enough. 

Leaving aside all the "not so nice" stuff, I'll thank again all the volunteers who took part in the project and were so amazing.

Grazie per l'incredibile dieci giorni trascorsi in quel bellissimo sud Italia.

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