Hoy he estado en Factory Street Style, un evento presentado por Laura Sanchez y Mario Vaquerizo, en Fuencarral. Pinchaba Miranda Makaroff y consistía en que 20 bloggers (no me acuerdo de los nombres) sacaban fotos a gente que les molaba cómo vestian y tal, las suben a facebook y la/el más botados se ganan 1000 eurillos a parte de ser la imagen de la cadena de Outlets. 

Ha sido genial ver a MM, si si. En realidad es casi por lo único que he ido.

Qué disaster lo de ayer. Tarde al bus, perdida en camino al bus... con dos maletas (20 y 15 kg), una mochila, un bolso y un cupcake. Por fin, encontrar el bus, llegar al aeropuerto, ir a facturar (2 bultos) y va la tía y me dice que vale, que 2 bultos, pero que el peso total tiene que ser 20kg. Me pasaba por 15kg y va 10 pounds por kg. Si... Bueno, conseguir meterlo todo en una maleta cuando quedaban 10 mins para que cerrasen la facturación. Bien.

Yo, con 3 bolsas de mano cuando se puede llevar solo una. << A todo esto, el cuerpo dolorido por la escalada del día previo. >>
Tampoco me dijeron nada, no tuve que pagar ni nada, pero despues de esperar la pedazo de cola que había para pasar el control, eran las 18:17, es decir, 3 minutos para el despegue... 
Bla bla bla... tras correr y morir, llegué, lloré y hoy a la mañana me he dado cuenta de que me deje alguna que otra cosilla más que valiosa en el aeropuerto. Pero todo esta a salvo! Ye ye yeaaah!!

Me pasan muchas veces cosas de estas. Apuros de último momento de los que normalmente salgo airosa

Today I attended my first (ever) show at the London Fashion Week. I had never tryed so and I was pretty excited for the time to come. 

After some clothing trouble and stress on the tube, ( I was late, late, late and I didn't know the place; I mean, I didn't know the location of the theatre ) and late bur successful arrival, the show started. 
My happy and excitement moment came right before the beginning of the show. I was sitting on the second row, when all of a sudden (he) my friend Chloe (click here to visit her blog) came and told me too have a seat on the front row. That was like.. waaaaaaa ! And even more, taking into account that when I entered the salon, I saw some goodie bags for the people sitting in the FR. Well, now, that was me! Cool cool cool, it was amazing. (Shout outs to Latoya Kessie (was great to meet you darling) >> click here to see her blog)

The show took place at the Vauxhall Fashion Scoutt and the designer was Raffaele Ascione. Deserving a lucky future this young designer has a long way to walk/run through. The catwalk and the clothes were stunning. The items were fresh, sweet, and modern at the same time (with some classical points) These are some of the outfits I shot:

 After the show, it was something like 7.15pm so I thought it would be great to visit the Somerset House where big brands' catwalks take place. Was pretty great to see a few models off the catwalk and the athmospere in the area. Glamour, style and personality all over the place... full individualism too.

Woooha, and I think that's it. And incredibly, Chloe's got a few more invitations for some shows and I'm gonna join her. ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLY HAPPY !

Today is one of those happy days! Well not the entire day, but the most important part of it (right now). Freedom, a good plan for tomorrow (fancy) and a few music shops to visit. 

It's been now an hour since I started writting and now I feel... how could I say it... slow. Not very inspired and slow-minded. That's it, slow-minded. Just a song and the post's gonna end.

What a contradictory post.  Weird.

Cuando dejes de tener miedo, empezarás a disfrutar las cosas
Cuando dejes de tener miedo, empezarás a disfrutar las cosas
Cuando dejes de tener miedo, empezarás a disfrutar las cosas
Cuando dejes de tener miedo, empezarás a disfrutar las cosas
Cuando dejes de tener miedo, empezarás a disfrutar las cosas
Cuando dejes de tener miedo, empezarás a disfrutar las cosas
Cuando dejes de tener miedo, empezarás a disfrutar las cosas

This London experience is based on a wide range of experiences. All kind of experiences... and that's why I love it so much.
In the fashion thing for example. I'm not that kind of fashion addict but I quite like it.

Once, I was walking way down in Carnaby, when two girls stopped me and ask if they could take a shot for a magazine's street-style section. I was a bit shocked... due to the fact that I was wearing nothing special that day. Anyway, it was exciting.
You can check the pictures here

I also attended Plongée's clothing line launch. Shout outs to Chloe for inviting me (you can check her blog here) It was pretty nice taking into account that it was my first time in such a event. Weird looking tasty food on a table, fresh and cool clothes on the wall and Plongée's beautiful website on the screen (congrats to the media design team). Oh, and a guy taking pics all over the place, with a huge handmade (joking) flash on the camera. Click here to see them.

Plongée is a french word which means diving. And you know? I think that's an absolutely original name. To me, it means something like gumble or try... not being scared of living, and experiencing with fashion, love or anything you can find. I find the name so fresh... yea; that would be the best adjective.

You can check their items on www.plongeeclothing.com or just clicking here