This London experience is based on a wide range of experiences. All kind of experiences... and that's why I love it so much.
In the fashion thing for example. I'm not that kind of fashion addict but I quite like it.

Once, I was walking way down in Carnaby, when two girls stopped me and ask if they could take a shot for a magazine's street-style section. I was a bit shocked... due to the fact that I was wearing nothing special that day. Anyway, it was exciting.
You can check the pictures here

I also attended Plongée's clothing line launch. Shout outs to Chloe for inviting me (you can check her blog here) It was pretty nice taking into account that it was my first time in such a event. Weird looking tasty food on a table, fresh and cool clothes on the wall and Plongée's beautiful website on the screen (congrats to the media design team). Oh, and a guy taking pics all over the place, with a huge handmade (joking) flash on the camera. Click here to see them.

Plongée is a french word which means diving. And you know? I think that's an absolutely original name. To me, it means something like gumble or try... not being scared of living, and experiencing with fashion, love or anything you can find. I find the name so fresh... yea; that would be the best adjective.

You can check their items on or just clicking here

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