The day will happen, whether or not you wake up. 
Not everything is meant to be, but everything is worth a try.

Un poco de todo


Today I'm in a really good mood so I thought it was time to tidy up everything I have in my computer. Among all the useless things I found, I took all these kind of behind the scenes videos and do one from all. So here you've got kinda remix, or whatever you want to call it, of some moments/scenes/stupid things I found.

Everything (I mean, exams) is finished, and now, I do have time to do things, go, come back, look for and find.

Hope you all have a great weekend ! <3


Hoy me siento genial y creo que es un buen día para tomarme un tiempo y ordenar todo lo que tengo en el ordenador. En realidad, ya lo he hecho. He encontrado un montón de cachitos o tomas de videos, o videos independientes y he decidido hacer eso de arriba que es algo así como un remix o así de todo lo que he encontrado.

Con todo acabado, creo que ahora sí que tengo tiempo para hacer cosas cosas y cosas.

Espero que tengáis un finde genial! <3

Eight days a week

Waaaaaaaaaaaa !
Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

This picture is what best defines what I want, I dream and I feel like. FREEDOM. Say bye exams, and hi free time. Do things, go, come back, look for and find. 

Take off all this repressed desire.

Just a week left.

Ps: Those who reading me from the UK please, contact me. Just some stuff to ask.

Dog days are over

I feel good parabarabara... Holaaaaa !

¡Si que sí! Hoy es un día de esos positivos en los que a pesar de que mis examenes cuatrimestrales empiecen pasado mañana, canto, bailo y salto. Why? Who knows...

Estas últimas han sido semanas raras. No he tenido demasiado tiempo para hacer cosas que quería; bueno, en realidad sí que lo he tenido pero me sentía culpable si no lo "invertía" estudiando. Debo decir que no soy de las que se agobia con eso de los exámenes. Cero. Never. Tengo claro lo que he estudiado o he dejado de estudiar, voy tranquila a los exámenes y en el caso de que me pregunten algo que no se, pues he ahí la respuesta: No. Lo. Se. :)

Así que a TODAS aquellas personas que estáis en periodo de examenes, os envio telepáticamente... TRANQUILIDAD. Confiad en vosotros, porque a parte de estudiar, es lo único que depende de nosotros.

Son ganas, energía y un cúmulo de sustantivos positivos. Yey! I feel good, parabarabara...

Que la fuerza NOS acompañe, y que sea lo más breve posible.

Favo - Sale

Sale sale sale !

Time for shopping and spending; that's what sales are for. I know it's been Christmas and our wallets/purses or whatever aren't what we call full, but there's no need for that. First, because it's not necessary to buy something; and second, because I've been checking some websites and there're for example dresses (nice dresses), from 15€ and on. Bargains dude, bargains!

I'm not trying to push anyone, I'm just trying to convince myself that buying isn't so bad :S (ALWAYS having it under control),

It's nice to have money and be able to spend it if wanted. But that's not my case. I'm a compulsive saver lately (hello London) and I'm trying to say those things like: Yea, that item is nice, but I have tons of them. (and say bye to that lovely skirt). You should try it... it will make no bad.

So well, right now, I'm not sure what was this post about (for or against sales?). Can be both.

Ooohm, about the pic, it has nothing to do with sales but a couple of days ago someone took these shots of me eating a pear (meaningless) and I thought it could be funny to post them. 

Let's finish with his messy post.

Hope you all are having a lovely Christmas time,
 studying a lot, if needed and 
eating tons of food!


For those who obviously couldn't understand the last video due to the fact that it's in spanish, I'm gonna do kinda translation. ;)

The video was mostly about thanking (again) all the support, the comments,  everything. I feel like if I was repeating the same thing over and over again but I feel like doing so. So that's the first thing, THANK YOU
Then, I talked about my 2011. It hasn't been something way so different from the last 17 years; nevertheless, I tryed, I did, I thought about new things. But what I give more importance is the open-minding precess I went through. Anything unusual or weird, don't think bad; just that I feel (aahhhh can't find the words to express it)  ____  (hope you can understand it with no words).
Then I said something about everyday routine, and the desire to finish it. It's easy to say, live your life but I'd like to know how many of you, or whoever, DOES IT... even I.
 The most important thing in the video (from my point of view) is that my 2012's aim will be to go
"to infinity and beyond!" 
or even try.

That's the idea I want you to keep. No fears, no regrets.

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas time.

Urte berri on!
¡Feliz año nuevo!
Happy new year!
Glückliches neues Jahr!
Bonne année!