Favo - Sale

Sale sale sale !

Time for shopping and spending; that's what sales are for. I know it's been Christmas and our wallets/purses or whatever aren't what we call full, but there's no need for that. First, because it's not necessary to buy something; and second, because I've been checking some websites and there're for example dresses (nice dresses), from 15€ and on. Bargains dude, bargains!

I'm not trying to push anyone, I'm just trying to convince myself that buying isn't so bad :S (ALWAYS having it under control),

It's nice to have money and be able to spend it if wanted. But that's not my case. I'm a compulsive saver lately (hello London) and I'm trying to say those things like: Yea, that item is nice, but I have tons of them. (and say bye to that lovely skirt). You should try it... it will make no bad.

So well, right now, I'm not sure what was this post about (for or against sales?). Can be both.

Ooohm, about the pic, it has nothing to do with sales but a couple of days ago someone took these shots of me eating a pear (meaningless) and I thought it could be funny to post them. 

Let's finish with his messy post.

Hope you all are having a lovely Christmas time,
 studying a lot, if needed and 
eating tons of food!

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