Today I attended my first (ever) show at the London Fashion Week. I had never tryed so and I was pretty excited for the time to come. 

After some clothing trouble and stress on the tube, ( I was late, late, late and I didn't know the place; I mean, I didn't know the location of the theatre ) and late bur successful arrival, the show started. 
My happy and excitement moment came right before the beginning of the show. I was sitting on the second row, when all of a sudden (he) my friend Chloe (click here to visit her blog) came and told me too have a seat on the front row. That was like.. waaaaaaa ! And even more, taking into account that when I entered the salon, I saw some goodie bags for the people sitting in the FR. Well, now, that was me! Cool cool cool, it was amazing. (Shout outs to Latoya Kessie (was great to meet you darling) >> click here to see her blog)

The show took place at the Vauxhall Fashion Scoutt and the designer was Raffaele Ascione. Deserving a lucky future this young designer has a long way to walk/run through. The catwalk and the clothes were stunning. The items were fresh, sweet, and modern at the same time (with some classical points) These are some of the outfits I shot:

 After the show, it was something like 7.15pm so I thought it would be great to visit the Somerset House where big brands' catwalks take place. Was pretty great to see a few models off the catwalk and the athmospere in the area. Glamour, style and personality all over the place... full individualism too.

Woooha, and I think that's it. And incredibly, Chloe's got a few more invitations for some shows and I'm gonna join her. ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLY HAPPY !

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