Jeffrey Campbell Lita

I've been slightly obsessed with this Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoe since I discovered it. Don't know why, but it has something, among fashion, different and witchy that makes me stare at them and can't look away.

When did I discover them? Well, can be like a month ago or something like that. I've just found out that Jeffrey Campbell is a genius. I loved each and every one of his designs. High heels, high platforms and high quality. I think they look vintage and stylish and that they can be worn anytime; even if you wanna go hiking. Not joking guys, those ones (click here) are called Everest Hiking.

This post was just to make you know what type of staff has been crossing my mind these days, and even if my birthday is in summer, no gifts will be denied. :) Just for knowing.

Okey, so I'm gonna finish this post leaving some pics of more Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes. These are something more eccentric (obviously not for every day use) but without leaving to be a-ma-zing. 

Hope you like them as much as I do.

Have a nice wednesday  !

Bye :)

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  1. Yes, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's are absolutely perfect ! He is truly a genius, I have the black pair of Lita's and I can say that they are also extremely comfortable!

    Lovely blog you have here !

    Patricia from

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  3. Lovin the Lita's♥

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