It was what is called love at first sight. Mallorca purchases, that's what they are. It's been nearly a year since I got them and I thought it was about time I mentioned them here. 

It was the first and only time I've been in Palma de Mallorca and a few friends and I decided to go for a walk. Entered H&M and unfortunately, there was nothing that was worth buying... except these cute purses/bags. 
While walking among all the clothes, I saw a shinny gorgeous yellow thing in the distance. I approached and was like... "baby I like it, the way you look on your own!". It was the yellow the one I saw first, and then came the pink cutie. I'm an indecisive person and it turned difficult when I tried to chose one. That's why I got both. :)

I think wearing this kind of items is really comfy, considering that the problem of looking for your wallet in those huge bags will end, no mobile will be stolen and your bag won't bother when dancing.

I know the shape or the string are a bit, not weird but like "how I'm gonna wear that?". Look below:

Well, just giving some ideas.
The thing is that I love/luve/leve/live/lave (jé) them and never fail in the livelier parties.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and your phones/wallets/purses/keys aren't stolen! Mine won't. ;)

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