He was the cute boy with a lovely voice, playing Morhange in The Chorus (Les Choristes); now, he's this "heat-giving" (invented adj.), "mysterious-looking" hot guy. Things do change a bit
I really don't know when did my brain decide to check how he had grown up. Perhaps someone had told me about the film or who knows wtf.

I'm that kind of person who sees something in someone and stays tunned into everything this person does (well, don't imagine me as a neurotic obsessed fan or whatever; it's not how I look like). I just think of them and think if I would be able to meet them. If not (in almost all cases) >> FORGET. If yes, (this has never happened yet) >> Keep in mind.

Great thoughts period (really grat ones) lasts about a week; I mean, before the Yes or Not process starts. Then, in a gradual way, everything comes to an end.

Now I'm still in a "guy-in-mind" situation.

Before forgetting, his name is Jean-Baptiste Maunier. 

Au revoir!

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