I think I’ve just discovered something.

I’ve always been jealous of those people who write, compose or draw when they feel inspired. I’ve never done so.
Of course I sometimes do feel inspired but never reflected that in an artistic way.
I found out that I just think. I love doing so, and thinking makes me do things.
 Makes me move, dance, act, feel and keep on.


2 comentarios:

  1. Think and do, or just do (without thinking)?
    If that's the question, I choose think and do. I'm the type of person that before doing anything needs to think about it. But like everything in this world, the perfect way would be doing some things thinking about them and doing others without thinking.

    And about reflecting your inspiration I do really think you express it quite often in an artistic way, for example, when you paint yours nails, when you make up your eyes and face or when you paint the back cover of your phone, so yes, you are kind of an artist.

    - Ni

  2. Ohhfg. Muchas gracias en serio y de verdad, de la buena.