Hello dear item

These cold days in which I have to stay at home studying, housecoats are my perfect friend. 

Something among warm, smoothness and safety. I wrote before that housecoatS (in plural) are the perfect friend. Well first of all, I'm not anything like the housecoat-woman and second, I also have social life.

Well so straight back, I got this like a month ago but it's been a week since I used it for the first time. It's, it's, it's how could I describe it... woohaaa ! Can be the word?
The thing is that I can't take it off. I've been like 3 days with my ass stuck in the couch with this marvellous housecoat on me. Yes, even with the hood.

So, this post was just to give my honey a place here. 

Hope your Christmas are going right.

Ps: Oooh before forgetting, those who reading me from the UK, please I will thank a lot, if you contacted me. It's just to ask some questions about some facts... well, whatever. Please, contact me :)

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