Who doesn't like spending some time playing in the snow? And even more when it only snows twice a year. That's when me and a friend decided it was about time to throw some snowballs. (Pics above)

I used to ski a lot when I was younger but it's like 2 years since I went for the last time. And now, right now, I miss it so much. That's why I decided to go and visit the Pyrenees one of these weeks. We have a camper/motor home or however you want to call it. I've been in many many places throughout Europe (also Morocco) and it's like my second home. Actually, it is. There are tones of nice memories in every corner of it; such as long long long The Beatles listening trips (with trips I mean 3 years listening to the same tape; that happened also with Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen or Sting. We even knew the order of the songs), or neverending board games. 
I never thought I would say so but I miss it.

See you soon baby and let's recall those Thornberry Family adventures :)

Have a nice Friday + weekend !

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  1. ami tambien me encaaaaaaaanta la nieve, pero tu mas mi amoooorrr. tekiero y mas a tu blog :))))))))

  2. me encanta tu blog laura, es una pasada :)

  3. me encanta tu blog Laura, es una pasada :)

  4. eres preciosa y me encantan las fotos:) actualiza mas a menudo porfii:)